1973 - Establishment of Shing Kee Transportation Co., offering cargo transportation, loading and unloading, deliveries, consolidation to Sea Land & Services Inc. and CSX.

1988 - The exclusive contractor of Asia Logistics Centre Ltd. for 30 years since its establishment in 1988.

1997 - Operating warehouses with a totally area of 30,000sqm. in ATL Logistics Centre.

2000 - Established of Qi Yang Bonded Warehouse in Shenzhen , 13,000sqm. in area.

2002 - Establishment of Bao Kai Shing Kee Customs Approved Warehouse in joint venture with Shenzhen Yantian Port Group, covering an area of 24,000sqm.

2005 - Taking over ATL by the DP World, mainly on docks, port transportation and we have been in closer co-operation than before.

2006 - Tai Gu customs approved warehouse was established in Shenzhen, with an area of 18,000sqm.

2007 - Established of the South Peninsular customs approved warehouse, offering an area of 20,000sqm.

2010 - Development of Guiyang Distribution centers and the establishment of Guizhou commerce storage and Shing Kee Godown Holding Ltd.

2011 - Development of Sanhe logistics center, with a plan project covering an area of 10 sq. Km.

2012 - Developing Zhangjiagang logistics center, covering a total area of 7,000 acres.

2015 - Become GSA of Myanma National Airline (UB) in Hong Kong and Marcu of air cargo.